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Learn about music production, sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering, acoustics, releasing, and everything in between.

Come to ask question, connect and learn

In one power-packed session, you’ll learn everything you need to know about crafting electronic music. We’re talking basics, genre exploration, studio tricks, making money from your passion, and even live performance tips. It’s a crash course that’ll level you up in your music career.

Our way of work is question and answer oriented. Be sure to come with a bunch of questions related to your music needs.
What if we do not cover it all? Stay in touch, we will guide you towards your goals. Also after the workshop.


🌟 Date: 19-10-2023

🏒 Venue: Londam Studio, Ottho Heldringstraat 25, 1066 XT Amsterdam, Netherlands

πŸ“ Google maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/fmLjTamQM7onxdLNA

πŸ•– Start: 15:00

πŸ“† Event during Amsterdam Dance Event



15:00 – 17:00 (THE Workshop)

17:00 – 22:00 (Party & Tacos)

Londam x Plugin Music during Amsterdam Dance Event

Workshop aka CRASH COURSE Overview

Getting started with electronic music production

  • Overview of electronic music production for beginners.

  • Participants can ask questions related to starting in electronic music.

Basics of electronic music production (techno, house)

  • Discussion of fundamental concepts in music production.

  • Q&A on the basics of music production.

Starting with music production (what you need and don’t)

  • Exploring essential equipment and costs for beginners.

  • Q/A about starting in music production.

Creating music with synthesizers

  • Explanation of synthesizers and their role in music creation.

  • Questions about synthesizers and music-making.

How to make techno, how to make house

  • Discussion of genre-specific production techniques.

  • Q&A on creating different electronic music genres.

How to finish a track

  • Steps and tips for finishing a track.

  • Questions on finalizing music compositions.

Music studio, recording, mixing, and mastering

  • Overview of music studio operations and recording techniques.

  • Open for questions about mixing and mastering.

Understanding mixing and mastering

  • Explanation of the roles of mixing and mastering in music production.

  • Q&A on the difference between mixing and mastering.

Achieving professional sound in music production

  • Techniques for achieving a professional sound in music production.

  • Questions on sound quality and techniques.

Studio acoustics – optimizing your sound environment

  • Importance of studio acoustics and tips for improvement.

  • Questions on optimizing studio acoustics.

Earning money with music

  • Ways to earn money in music industry

  • Exploring avenues for making a living through music.

  • Q&A on monetizing music production.

Live Performance in techno

  • How to prepare a live performance setup for techno music.

  • Questions about live techno performances.

Achieving professional sound on stage

  • Tips for achieving a professional sound during live performances.

  • Q&A on live sound setups.

Photo from Plugin Music workshop in Kosice, Slovakia
Photo from Plugin Music workshop in Kosice, Slovakia
Photo from Plugin Music workshop in Kosice, Slovakia

Plugin Music Workshop – live performance on stage (August 2023)

Plugin Music Workshop Techno in the club

Plugin Music Workshop – Techno in the club (August 2023)

Get your ticket (limited to 8 producers)

25€ including workshop + ticket to the after party + Tacos & drinks

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Michal Basar - Techno

Michal Basar – founder Plugin Music; your guidance during THE Workshop.

Michal is a mixing engineer and mentor at Plugin Music, DJ/ Producer and developer in the music industry.

Get your ticket (limited to 8 producers)

25€ including workshop + ticket to the after party + Tacos & drinks


It is a great opportunity to meet, connect and eat together – right before we jump for all the night events. Don’t miss this epic celebration of electronic music and party vibes. Get ready to experience the future of sound in Londam headquarters!

See you in Londam studio!

Londam x Plugin Music at Amsterdam Dance Event

Can’t you make it to THE workshop? Don’t worry and plan an online Q/A session with Michal

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