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Plugin Music One on One Course

We guide music producers, musicians and artists towards their goals

Many music schools teach music production, audio engineering, and sound design. The teaching structure is fixed and doesn’t focus much on your specific problem or project. Our private course lets you decide how much time and energy you want to spend and what you want to learn. Together we set up the perfect plan for you.


Goals: Understanding Ableton and switching from Logic to Ableton in the most effective way.

“I took a couple of lessons with Michal Basar. My goal was to learn Ableton. We had 4 or 5 sessions together. I worked with Logic before, so it was easy for me to understand the software. After the course, I joined an Ableton producer battle and ended second, winning 500 euro. Michal told me, that after hearing this, he also felt like a winner.”

Mike Everning aka SykesHouse music producer | Vocalist | DJ

Set your own pace

  • Tailored content based on your needs

  • Solution to every single problem

  • Unlimited questions and answers

  • Increase your sound quality

  • Improve your production skills

  • Get closer to achieving your dreams

Plugin Music One on One course facts


Online (Zoom meetings)

Course duration

Individual (weeks/months)

Session duration

Individual (1-3 hours)

Course topics

Quality Recording, Music Composition, Sound Design, Session Artists, Mixing, Mastering, Releasing Music, Marketing and Promotion, Branding, Touring (based on your needs)

Course price

Starting from 60 EUR per hour

Intro session of 30 minutes

FREE of charge


Enjoy a flexible learning structure with tailored content

Work on your project from the comfort from your own home. Your mentor is available through a video meeting, sharing your screen, as if he would sit next to you.


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Morning or evening, we are really flexible

What our students are saying

Peter DomanProducer

After a few sessions with Michal Basar, my production improved a lot. They promised to move my production to another level, and they did. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much guys! It is good school with great teachers with a lot of experience!


This would be the first time I learnt something music related from anyone. I've been doing music for 15+ years, but I still came to Vishal as an absolute rookie. His patience his willingness to really wait till I figured out everything made a world of difference. It made me feel like I was in safe hands and I wasn't just a random student. Also the fact that he really took time to simplify everything himself before class and really take you baby step by baby step made the whole process easy and a wonderful experience. The whole course made me both a better producer and engineer and I'm grateful for all the time.


Michal is my long term friend and he has been with me from the beginning of my career as a music producer. He has taught me a lot. He explained to me how to use Ableton, later how to implement my own sounds, how to do mixing and be confident to finish tracks. Today I release on a monthly basis at Sonaxx Records, Kube Records, Hardwork Records, Cannibal Society, Schubfaktor Records.


Michal is an exceptional teacher who cares deeply about his students' success. He teaches you what you need to know to reach your goals as an artist. My roommate even said, "your tracks have gotten way better!" For producers struggling to finish tracks, I can't recommend booking a session enough.


It was beneficial for me definitely. There came a point where I covered all the modules in a standard curriculum. I wanted to learn from topics that were out of that and Vishal made that happen, it was beneficial and I'm greatly appreciative of it.

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