The fine art of mixing by Plugin Music pro engineers

Plugin Music Professional Mixing Services

A good song deserves good mixing

We will mix your song with maximum precision, without compromising your track’s intention and energy. You will get a professional mix-down, ready for mastering with unlimited revisions of the mixed version and proper feedback on the sound quality of your track.


“Michal has done a mixdown for TRW - 33, vinyl record released at our record label. We are more than satisfied with his mixing skills. Gio Conti wrote me: 'Tell your guy, that he did a great job with the mixes.'”

Vlado JuscakOwner Mai Lei Bel

How it works

  • Send us your audio files

  • Tell us about the intention of the track (digital release, vinyl release)

  • Tell us about the purpose of the track (background music for video, radio single, etc.)

  • Choose your service (mixing, mastering or both for optimal results)

  • We mix your music and test it in different environments

  • We hand-over your final mix for approval (including unlimited revisions)

Plugin Music Mixing and Mastering Fees

Mixing of one song

Starting from 180 EUR

Mastering of one song

Starting from 45 EUR

Full service Mixing + Mastering

Starting from 210 EUR


Before you send us your track

Make sure to render your audio files in the highest quality, without clipping.


Name your STEMS for easier overview

I.e. Kick, Bass, Synth, Vocal, Athmo, FX, etc.

Render / export your audio files separately

Render also the entire song

Render / export audio files in the same sample rate

As it was recorded and worked with

Deliver 24 bit audio files or higher

Don’t use dithering

Don’t clip the audio

If your separate audio tracks or master are peaking at 0dBFS or above, turn down the DAW channels

Please double check your audio

Check if everything is as it should be

We can take a look at the sound quality together

In case you’re not satisfied with it

Submit your track

    Jason D
    Jason D
    Plugin music has been my go-to for mixing and mastering. Michal and Mattias are wonderful to work with, and care deeply about artistic vision, which is important to me. They’ve helped me by making my tracks the best they can be and have enabled me to release with great labels. I continue to work with them on my own labels releases and will continue as long as they’re in business, 10/10
    Jeffrey Raat
    Jeffrey Raat
    Plugin music has been mixing and mastering our music for the past 6 months and I am super happy with the results. They are very open and thoughtful in the process to get the best mix possible.
    Dennis Kooijman
    Dennis Kooijman
    My music mentor was super friendly and explained me the exact things I needed help with. Recommended!
    Denisa Jesenska
    Denisa Jesenska
    Cooperation with Michal was perfect. He was open to discuss and consult all we needed. Michal is professional and you can rely on him. Both with meeting deadlines and the results of his job.
    Ri Za
    Ri Za
    Top service, very kind engineer, just recommending!

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